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We have waited so long to say that! All this time we were getting ready to share with you our passion for bags and fashion. There´s not need to say that purses are one of the most important accessories in any outfit and that is why we have payed special attention in select the best purses for every situation and place. This time we have chosen three of the products we liked the most to share with you.

Let´s start with our COCO handbag.

Coco Handbag Preview

This genuine leather bag is the perfect touch for any classy outfit. Well confectionated and with clean terminations you can use this handbag for business and casual times. It is available in three colours (black, blue and brown) and also this bag is for sale from $93 for $69, limited time only!


Bling Bum bag

This small PU Leather bum bag is covered with glass imitation diamonds, on the closer a diamond mouth with a little bottle is placed. We like this bum bag because is totally festy and original, plus right size to carry on what is needed, keys, phone, wallet and a lot of style. Next to that it is on sale now from $77 for $41! If you use the newsletter signup coupon you can get this gorgeous bag for even cheaper! Free Delivery.


Galax Wallet

Nice colorfull wallet available in 5 colors, blue, pink, violet, wine red and gold, all five in a metallic tone. The Galax is big enough for all your credit, debit and other cards. Really stylish and made from leather. Currently it is only sale from $73 for $44. Order quickly because we only have 20 left in stocks for most colours!

This are the products we like to highlight in this opportunity but you will find the complete collection in our web shop and even a category where we put the latest trends just for you. We update the shop regularly with new products, and if you sign up to our newsletter you get a 10% discount! So sign up now and receive the newest bags in your inbox.

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